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14. 4. 2007




                             Probable litter – April 2008

Taking is always eight weeks after birth. They are breeded  in  home environment in contact with people.

We have chosen father Tinty  (Swallowslight Coal Entity).

-   was born 25th of March 2003

-   imported from Netherlands

Height: 60 cm


Genitors’s family-tree 

DKK 0/0

DLK 0/0

Dog shows and awards:

Club winner RK CZ 2005

Dog of the year 2004 RK CZ  4.place

4x V2, 10x V1, 5x CAJC, 3x res. CAC, 4x CAC, 2x res. CACIB, CACIB. BOB, BIG IV

Achievement exams

OVVR I.cena(Retriever Inborn Features Trial – I. prize)  I.award